About Have Fun

At an early age “Cy” had an interest in the outdoors, sports, and backpacking. In 1982, Cy hiked the 2,181-mile-long Appalachian Trail solo, and has been hiking ever since. He was not a competitive athlete by any stretch, but he was in good enough shape to HAVE FUN! His motto was always "#1 Rule, Have Fun!", and then the rest of the requirement came easy.

Now, as a businessman, the rules have become more complicated and ‘corporate’, but Cy always tries to have fun and not take things too seriously.

Do you know a coach that follows "#1 Rule, Have Fun", or better yet, one who needs to learn that message?
Do your kids often forget that “it” is just a game?
Is your golf partner a stickler for the rules?
Does your favorite soccer mom need a sticker for her van?
If so, treat them...or better yet, treat yourself to one of our fine products and tell a friend.

We support Eggleston Services and its diverse and work-oriented industries. Eggleston Services is a not-for-profit vocational rehabilitation facility that provides vocational rehabilitation, habilitation and employment services to persons with disabilities in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. HaveFun, Inc. employs Eggleston’s workers, and a percentage of profits goes to the fine works of the center.

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